Event Submissions

1 – Make it Official
Get your event date officially scheduled on the Kingdom Calendar. Please consult the instructions here for an overview of the process. Notices for events not on the Calendar will not be printed.

2 – Make Sure Event Notices Contain:
• Date of the event (day, month, and legal year).
• Sponsoring group name.
• Site location (name, street address, town and ZIP code. Maps are not sufficient!).
• Time the site opens and closes (the o’clock times).
• Event Steward’s name (both Society and modern).
• Event Steward’s address & contact information.
• Registration costs for example: Adult $15 or $10 with member card.
“Make checks payable to SCA Inc./(group name)”
If there is no site cost, please state “There is no Registration cost for this event.”
Event Notice Submissions which do not include all the above information are not eligible to have
Official Kingdom business conducted at them (no awards, law changes, etc. can take place).

3 – Consider Additional Details:
• Directions to the site.
• Merchant information.
• Event info and other important details.

4 – Keep the Deadline in Mind
All submissions must be received by midnight on the 1st of the month before the issue date. The deadline does not change for Sundays or holidays.

5 – It’s All in the Name
In the subject line of your submission email you must include the following information:
• For Event Notices (date, group and name of event)
Example: 11-10-07 Coronation Calafia
• For Columns Submissions (COL and Title)
Example: COL Seneschal
• For Notices and Announcements (NA and Title)
Example: NA Heraldry Symposium

6 – Formatting
Please do not use any formatting in your submission. Choose a single font and do not format type, use tabs or create columns. Attached MS Word, .txt or .rtf files are preferred, PDFs will be rejected as it is hard to pull the content out and keep formatting.

7 – Keep it Short
Aim for 300-400 words for Local Event Notices, 500-700 words for Kingdom Event Notices and 200 words for preliminary notices. The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the right to edit all submissions for space purposes. Event Notices will run the month of and the month prior to the event date provided materials are submitted on time. Additional announcements will be published on a space-available basis.

8 – Ready, Set, Submit!
Send all submissions to the Kingdom Chronicler,  The Deputy Webwright in charge of the Online Calendar, and the Facebook Events Deputy. If you are submitting feature articles, personal addresses or emails, artwork, or photographs, please include a signed release form. Be sure to submit all submissions by the 25th of each month.

9 – Notify the Authorities
Copy the local seneschal on your submission email for Event Notices (The Kingdom Chronicler may forward to the seneschal if they are not originally copied).

10 – Get a Receipt
All submissions sent electronically will be acknowledged by a “receipt” email from the Kingdom Chronicler. If you do not receive a receipt by the 26th of the month, PLEASE RESEND YOUR SUBMISSION. Notices for events not on the Calendar will not be posted.