Youth Combat

Welcome to Caid’s Youth Combat pages.  These pages support the Armored Youth Combat for the Kingdom of Caid.  This is a martial activity for children from 6 through 17 years of age.  We conduct tournaments and melees along the same lines as the regular SCA armored combat with suitable protection for its age group.  Please feel free to contact The Kingdom Youth Combat Officer if you have any questions.




The current Minister of Combat officer is
Vacant Please contact the Earl Marshal with any questions on Youth Combat



Documents & Forms

Minors Waiver and informed Consent to participate
Minors Waiver and informed Consent to participate with Notary

Medical Authorization for Minors
Medical Authorization for Minors with Notary
(Not required for playing in youth combat, but necessary to bring a child to an event who is not your own son or daughter.)
(Should be notarized. Form may vary from state to state, check it before traveling!)

Sign-Up Sheet (Excel File)
Round Robin scoring tally sheet (Excel File)
Double Elimination scoring tally sheet (Excel file)


The society handbook can be found here: Youth Martial Handbook

The Society Youth Combat Home page has additional information.

Armor (Safety Equipment)

The instructions for making a Youth Combat kit are being updated to match the new rules.

Youth Combat Marshals

List of officers coming soon!